Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love Gobots, they will forever be one of my favorite toy lines. Transformers are great, sure, but nothing will ever have the same awkward charm and clunky design as these guys. Whenever I go to toy shows or comic shops, I pass right by the G1 Autobots & Decepticons and go digging in the bins looking for random Gobots and other Machine Robo knockoffs.

Cy-Kill - Mighty Robot

In the spotlight today is Cy-Kill, the leader of the evil Renegades. This is the Super Gobot version, roughly 6 inches tall and much more solid than the fragile 3 inch "regular" version (although he's still showing some battle damage from the 80's). He's awesome. I love every single thing about the design of this toy, and he's incredibly iconic to me. (It should be noted that I was never a fan of the animated show, so all of my opinions for these guys are based solely on the actual toys and my childhood memories of having fun with them.)

Cy-Kill - Mighty Vehicle

I've still got tons of Gobots, and upon discovering that there are hardly any nice photos anywhere online, I'm going to attempt to photograph the majority of my collection. I'll be slowly adding photos to the Gobots Flickr group I just started (can you believe no one had made one until now?) and I hope to pay proper tribute to these robot toys that helped shape my childhood.

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