Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tiruru in the sky

I wrote about Pocl a while back and I figured it was time I mentioned his buddy, Tiruru. Designed by Kaijin, this little winged rabbit creature is the other inhabitant of the Mysterious Island Jambara.

Clear Pink Tiruru

He's available in a variety of different colors, but so far I've only got the unpainted pink release. As neat as he is, I'm actually not in any hurry to add the other variations to my shelves. The design just never really grabbed me the same way that Pocl did. I'm happy having one to keep my other random pink vinyl critters company, but there are too many other toys out there that I'm currently obsessed with.

Monitor Gundam & Monsters

When you've got a hobby like this and a limited budget, you've got to carefully pick and choose what you want your funds to go towards. It can be incredibly tempting to just go all out and try to get a complete set of every colorway for every toy that looks interesting, but it's easy to get out of control and end up with a huge pile of vinyl that has no focus. I do my best to carefully collect toys without just "hoarding" them, and I like to think that there's some sort of order to it all.

There's so much stuff out there that I really, really like...but a much smaller amount that I genuinely love. As hard as it can be at times, I try to just buy what I love, and as a result I don't regret any of my purchases and I can happily stare at my shelves, appreciating every single monster and robot on display.

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